76mm Downpipes for Porsche Cayenne turbo / turbo S

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Parts have a diameter of 76 mm, made of high quality stainless steel, using TIG welding in argon.
Parts replace regular catalysts, significantly reduce resistance to exhaust gas flow, which leads to an improvement in the volumetric efficiency of the engine and an increase in its power.
Downpipes are fully ready for installation; they do not require any modifications or changes to the standard exhaust system.

  • 2mm stainless steel
  • flanges - 10mm stainless steel
  • 2-sided flange welding


For the engine to work correctly, after installing downpipes, tricks for the second lambda probes are necessary so that the diagnostic system does not give an error about the low efficiency of the catalyst. Deceptions can be added to the kit, if desired

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